You will feel confident in our commitment to provide you with the highest quality of customer service from the first time you call. There is no automated service or call center style scheduling; owner Joe Harper personally answers every call. This ensures that you are speaking with someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about the quality of service provided to our customers. And our commitment doesn’t end there. Co-owner Joey Harper accompanies our team of highly trained professionals to every in home cleaning in order to ensure your satisfaction and that all of your requests have been met. We are dedicated to the technical education of our cleaning professional in the best cleaning and carpet protection practices in the industry. They understand the construction of your carpet and the nature of the substances that soil them. We guarantee our work; if you are unhappy for any reason, we’ll work until you’re satisfied. Our clients are more than just a name and address; they are part of the Harper’s Carpet Cleaning family.

We are happy to provide every client with a free in home estimate prior to cleaning. We understand that your life is busy and time is important. For your convenience you can request a free no-obligation in home estimate days or even weeks prior to when you need your home cleaned. Each client receives a written estimate for their approval prior to any work being done, no hidden fees, or unexpected charges.

Joey Harper - Co Owner with Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Our company uses professional truck mounted equipment for all our carpet cleaning methods. This procedure is the most effective and is recommended by all major carpet manufactures. It does not penetrate to the carpets backing and removes all stains, soil, and chemical residue without damaging your carpet. Our equipment and products are top of the line. We employ the Green Balance Carpet Cleaning Process; our cleaning solutions are safe for your children and pets. They are ideal for cleaning in homes with chemical sensitivities because they contain no added fragrances, dyes, or solvents. And they won’t hurt the construction or texture of your carpet. Your carpet will feel dry to the touch when we are done and will be completely dry within 2-4 hours.

Stains and odors are the number one reason our clients request to have their carpets cleaned. Our best advice for stain and odor removal is “STOP”!! Simply pick up the phone and dial 352-567-5855 and ask for Mr. Harper. With his 30 years of cleaning experience he will help you to treat the stain or odor properly to prevent permanent damage to your carpet. There is no charge for this service, if you are unsuccessful in your stain or odor removal attempt we will be happy to solve your problem by scheduling a free in home inspection.

In most households upholstered fabrics are a significant investment, they can be new, used, antique, or even family heirlooms. They can range in texture including everything from a sturdy canvas to a delicate antique satin and different fabrics require specific cleaning methods. It takes an experienced professional to recognize the differences among these types of fabrics. It is our policy to inspect every upholstery and fine fabric request prior to cleaning. Many variables must be determined to achieve satisfactory results including: age of fabric, construction of fiber, degree of wear, color fastness, existing stain identification, and general cleanability of fabric.

Let us restore your tile and grout to its original color. Our completely enclosed, specially designed tile and grout equipment will safely and gently clean your floors using professional steam cleaning and specially developed tile and grout solutions. No more breaking your back on your hands and knees, just give us a call and we’ll do all the work for you.

Area rugs and Oriental vary drastically in texture, construction, detail and material. We take the utmost provisions to protect our investment. Cleaning methods differ due to the nature of your area rug and Oriental. Only a trained professional can determine the best method for your needs, please call for an in-home consultation and estimate to ensure your area rugs and Orientals are properly treated.

When the unexpected happens we are here to help 24 hours a day. We can extract the water and restore your carpet in record time, allowing your life to return to normal. Our technicians are trained and certified, and meet all government regulations for water damage treatment. The process begins by immediately extracting the water, cleaning and treating your carpet for mold and mildew and if necessary applying carpet driers and dehumidifiers to quickly dry the carpet and subflooring. Each situation is different, and some require additional steps and treatment. In the unfortunate event of water damage please call right away, the longer the water sits the more damage it can cause to the carpet, subfloors, and surrounding areas.

This is a service that we offer to our clients who wish to have regularly scheduled cleaning procedures performed. Each program is custom designed to meet the client’s specific needs. These programs offer discounted rates varying form 10- 20% off of regularly scheduled cleanings. We provide a call back service to remind clients of their scheduled appointments and all participants in these maintenance programs will receive a price freeze for three years from the date of initial service.

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